About PogoPogona.com

This site is dedicated to one thing, Bearded Dragons, it was set up in early 2011 as a way to record and publish all the various things I’ve learnt from the past 5 or so years of keeping Bearded Dragons. Admittedly, 5 years is not a lot of experience to make me an expert on them and I have no qualifications relating to herpetology or animal care so I do go back and edit/ update pages where and when I’ve been corrected or learnt something new. Please always reference my material with books, forums and professionals – anyone can publish content but by cross referencing you can get a better understanding. If in any doubt, always seek out a vet.

The motivation in writing this site is to provide one more source of information for anyone new or established in keeping beardies. It is based upon my own research, observation and data gathering, from simple things such as vetinary visits to various problems that arise. Having kept up to 9 at one time from rehoming and also breeding the dragons (having 50+ little mouths to feed at any one time), I’ve been able to see most issues and experiences first hand. Also I freely admit, that like most, when new to the hobby I made mistakes, sometimes I couldn’t find the information I needed. I write these articles as a way to compensate for my own short comings and to help others avoid the making the same mistakes I once made.

Among the legit Bearded Dragon websites out there, there are some of them trying to sell ‘secret guides’ or trying to push affiliate links Most of the time these are not written by actual keepers and are there just to monetise this hobby often providing 2nd, 3rd, 4th hand information lifted from the other websites. I believe all information should be free and not commoditised for advertising/ affiliate profits, so I write this site in my spare time for free – currently it makes no money.

The name of the site comes from the Bearded Dragons scientific genus (name) Pogona. Most of the pictures of the dragons in the articles are my own.